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Pause are thoughts; thoughts are movement
PHYSICAL THEATER WORKSHOP - hold by Piergiorgio Milano

The workshop will be a shared proposition between contemporary dance and physical theater. A deep focus will be hold on the body and on different quality, states and possibility of theatrical expression.
The body will be analyzed as an instrument to play together. There will be proposed elements from acrobatics, mime, partnering and release technique, all of them will be suggested as element to improve our capacity to play dramatic situation first of all with our body. Text, songs, circus techniques and any other skills that participants will use during the workshop will be welcomed.
The classes will pass trough the concepts of neutral and emotive body; real and fake emotions, energy levels and their application to theatrical situation, empowering of rhythm into movements and into thoughts.

This practice is open to dancers, actors, circus artists and to all kind of performer with a clear physical experience. During this workshop everybody will have the opportunity to confront himself with individuals and group challenges; there won’t be any time for judgment or evaluation of what is happening; the main focus will be descend into a very intense journey about how to use the body to answer stage’s situations; for this reasons students will asked to come with a very open mind and true wishes to approach each proposition it in the most personal and honest way. With the participants we will create a real space to better understand our self as performers, to face problems using what our body can or can’t do and to individually clarify what we would like or not to keep exploring as physical performers.