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Performance at Festival Deltebre Dansa

Site specific dance and physical theater performance inspired by the book “do you really love me?” of Ronald D. Laing

Made and performed: Piergiorgio Milano e Florencia Demestri
Logistical and financial support: Associazione Sosta Palmizi Arezzo, Garage 29 Bruxelles

The scene  happens in the street, among the people, with the same sought intimacy as in a remote forest, an empty land, a forgotten space.

The show changes shape and adapts to each performance, taking inspiration from the specific place in which it is proposed. The choreographic proposal is adapted to the space that welcomes it.

Reading the book of R.D.Laing is like assisting to an intimate review. His verses and conversations go straight to some of our deepest worries, aggressions and puzzles. The author has moved the analysis of our problems out of the consulting room into the humanity of the street songs. This produces the shock, the almost physical effect of reading his work.
We want to confront the audience with the image of a domestic reality deviated by a craziness of such intensity that they forget their judgments. Like this, they free their minds to interpret the situation in many different ways.

Our goal is to push the imagination of the audience toward its bigger complexity.
While reading “Do you really love me?” we imagined a savage, funny and sometimes even pitiless cabaret, exposing the surprising qualities of a battle between two characters that stay attached to their insecurity. This leads them into an endless and insane discussion with the person they love.