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A struggle hidden in between the folds of a jacket

Solo Winner of the prizes:

° First prize Factory Dance competition, Fabbrica Europa Florence2011                     
° First prize Baltic Dance Competion, Dansk Poland 2011          
° Audience awards in the contemporary dance competition “MasDanza 2009” of Las Palmas Gran Canaria, Spain

Parteners and co-production: DancentrumJette, La Raffinerie Bruxelles, Garage29 Bruxelles, Balletto Teatro Turin, Sosta Palmizi Arezzo

Denti is the Italian translation of teeth.
In many ancient cultures the loss of teeth is connected with the loss of a loved one, with the feeling of jealousy, and the urgency to leave one’s home country.
Denti makes a sensible journey through physical sensations and memories, a struggle between the impossibility to leave and the wish to forget.
Denti is the impossibility to let go, is the feeling of being trap, is the illusion to return back, is the sensation of falling, is the wish of receive attention, is the need to hide our self.
Denti is what remains; it is the voice that we still believe to hear.
It is the wish to keep what is gone, to chase, to bite, to growl.
Denti is a Dramatic funny Piece.

Made and performed: Piergiorgio Milano Artistic advisers: Brune Campos, Claudio Stellato Lenght: 15 minutes



Metti in Piazza la Cultura, cultural event in Torino city centre organized by Intesa San Paolo in collaboration with Torino Danza
Festival Biella Danza, Biella
Festival “Umbria in Danza” à Bevagna Italie Festival “Invito di Sosta”, Arezzo Italie “ La lavanderia a vapore” ,Turin Italie Fabbrica Europa Dance Factory, Florence Italie Baltic Movement Festival, Dansk Poland DeltebreDanza international dance festival, Deltebre Spain
Stuttgart Solo Dance Festival Germany “Qualibo” international dance festival à Bari Italie “Playart” performance art festival, Arezzo Italie “Jetherfst, festival de danse contemporaine,Bruxelles “One night for dance” Garage29 Bruxelles
Mas Danza, Las Palmas, Espagne