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The short form of “ Ai Migranti” won the price “Equilibrio2010”, that rappresent the main awards for contemporary dance in Italy and that it’s hold by a strong international jury: Carole Fierz, Paris Quartier d’ete – Paris; Brigitte Fürle Berliner Festspiele – Berlin; Gil Mendo Culturgest – Lisbon; Benoît Swan – Pouffer Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet – USA; Suzanne Walker Sadler’s Wells – London

Production: Fondazione della Musica per Roma
Co-Production: Ass. Sosta Palmizi, Corte Ospitale di Rubiera, Teatro Asioli di Correggio


Ai Migranti  is a perfect fusion between technical circus and contemporary dance.

Each circus element is completely at the service of the choreographic side of the show. Pure energy that explores all the possibilities of movement.

Choreography winds through parts of choral dance, poignant and ironical solos and duets, which express soul conditions and relational weavings. It creates gesture fittings, dosing the explosive power to more content gestures. It always keeps clear the red thread of the story. It evokes illegal immigration by see images, landing and further leaks, conflicts between narrow gatherings, necessary solidarity. The impeccable acrobatic technique of performers is bent to the need of the movements, which is sometimes descriptive and sometimes more symbolic, giving a thrilling to the audience, always filled with expectation and full of shots of the scene, but never limited tot the wonder for the pure technical gesture.

The show  builds landscapes and cancels them through a change of perspectives, it drags us to places of which we lose the traces. With a sudden change of lights it makes us fall through from daylight to darkness, and inexorably, unconsciously, all stories are starting to converge up to a simple but majestic construction, made up by men and objects mixed up together , where the streets meet and identities are lost. So while everything is quiet, a four meters high monument to poverty remains watching us and, at the same time, the accumulation of experiences. A monument surrounded by silence full of stories, a monument to migrants.

Direction and Coreography: Piergiorgio Milano Creators and Performers: Elena Burani, Florencia Demestri, Piergiorgio Milano, Fabio Nicolini, Roberto Sblattero, Francesco Sgrò Artistic Adviser: Claudio Stellato Original Music: Simone Thierree Light design: Florance Richard Stage director: Luca Carbone Organization: Giovanna Milano Photo: Alexandro Tripodi e Manuela Giusto


18/12/16 Mori
28/03/15 Venaria Reale 11/04/15 Pergine Valsugana 30/04/15 Ala 25 – 26 / 10/ 2015 Torino 4/12/15 Longiano 
11/03/14 Grosseto 13/03/14 Arezzo 14/03/14 Pontremoli 15/03/14 Arezzo 04/04/14 Breno (BS)
22/05/2013 Roma 24/05/13 Roma
19-20/12 Trento 17 e 19/02 Putignano 18/02/12 Taranto 13/04/12 Magione 16/06/12 Mezzocorona 29/09/12 Torino 06/10/12 Breno (BS)
19/03/11 Città di Castello 24/03/11 Piacenza 30/04/11 Riesi 04/07/11 Pergine 14/10/11 Torino 17-19/11 Palermo 26/11/11 Correggio 17/12/11 Limbiate