So you think there’s nothing in common between Brussels and Hong-Kong? Think again. For over a year, the prestigious Hong-Kong Arts Centre and Les Halles have curated a creative project through which the 2 cities find out that they have more in common than what one might think. For this purpose, we’ve paired artists together.
Ten artists from each city have worked in pairs; amongst them choreographs, dancers, video makers, film makers, visual artists, actors. An extra ordinary cross art forms evening. They will present 10 short pieces: a real taste of Hong-Kong in Brussels.
Mao Wei & Camille Panza | Tracy Wong & Pierre Mercier | Yang Hao & Lola Meotti | Zcratch & Sabrina Scarlat | Kong Kee & Nicanor de Elia| Jessey Tang & Gaia Saitta | Mui Cheuk-yin & Elise Péroi | Daniel Yeung & Eric Arnal Burtschy | Frank Tang & Rosa Schmidt | Chu Pak-him & Piergiorgio Milano | Chef cuisinière : George Tang
A Taste of Hong Kong Co-produced by the Hong Kong Arts Centre and Les Halles de Schaerbeek | 香港藝術中心及Les Halles de Schaerbeek | 聯合製作Supported by資助 | Hong Kong Arts Development Council, 香港藝術發展局 Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Brussels), Belgium Hong Kong Society, Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau, the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, 計劃由香港特別行政區民政事務局藝術發展基金資助