Don’t do this at home !


Main Principles

  • Main Circus physical Axes
  • Apply circus to anything
  • Tousand variation of a gesture, tousand gesture without variations
  • Why do simple when you can do complex¬†?
  • Create a a circus situation trough a dual structure
  • Everything is circus
  • Freedoom, rules and creativity
  • Set an Estetics why and how
  • Kill your darlings and choose only your real friend


This is workshop has been leaded the first time during the pandemic lockdown of march 2021, and the all class has been guided trough Zoom. The result has been a series of 1 minutes videos created by the student of the second year of the flic circus school.


Moreover than that, the real precious result has been trasmit a clear independent method of creation to the students.

A process that could be explored on any kind of artistic concept.

The method proposes in this workshop could be apply to both conventional and unsual circus ideas. It a really powerfull creative tools for all young and already experienced makers. It could be experienced as well by perfomerms that wish to achieve a larger understing of the performing practice.