His history as a choreographer is composed by years of constantly challenging and reinventing the interactions between dance, circus and theater. He gathers all his experiences into a very strong physical language that combines virtuosity in movement with clear theatricals directions.

The images are centrals in his work : His shows are very imaginative and visionary.

Through the creation of high impacting pictures on stage, he constructs artistic universes able to reach and communicate to all kinds of audience.


Piergiorgio Milano started his career in 2002 studying at Flic circus school in Turin. Then in 2004 he moved to Toulouse where he studied at Le Lido, National Center for Circus Arts. This period was crucial in his development, and during those years he clearly affirmed his interest and vocation towards contemporary dance.  He decided then to move to Amsterdam where in 2006 he studied at SNDO school for new dance development. Meanwhile he became also cofounder of the 320chili collective, one of the first contemporary circus Italian groups. After that he moved to Brussels where he set up his base from 2008 and from there he started to travel world-wide as a performer for many international choreographers. After 2015 he has mainly focused on creating and touring his own work.



To create is the main focus of his career. His own works range from solos to large group compositions and have been supported and presented by some of the most important European Theatres such as: Les Halles de Schaerbeek Bruxelles, Theatre National Bruxelles, Espace Malraux Scene National Chambery, L’Odyssee Scene National, Espace Periferique Paris, Le Prato Pole national du cirque de Lille, TorinoDanza Festival, Festival Vie ERT, I Teatri Reggio Emilia, Auditorium Parco della Musica Rome, Theatre Nebia Bienne, Theatre du Passage Neuchatel… amongst many others.


He has performed world-wide for artists such as:  James Thierre, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and David Zambrano. His background embraces circus, dance, theatre and martial arts. He has also replaced Boris Gibè in his own solo creation l’Absolu: a work which mixes circus flying techniques, fire stunts, object manipulation and acrobatic dance.


He often works as choreographer or director for other companies or events. He has been the choreographer for the movie “ The Magic Flute “ produced by Paco Cinematografica Rome; and for the 15-world design festival of Milano. He has been artistic advisor or choreographer for many circus – dance companies: Les choses de Rien, La ruspa rocket, Feria Musica, and many more solo artists. He also creates complete shows for schools or big groups of people like SEAD Salzburg international academy of dance or Flic Turin circus school.


He has both led dance and physical theatre workshops and coached graduation artistic project for students of professional circus and dance schools. He has been invited to teach in:  SEAD Salzburg, Danscentrumjette Bruxelles, Opus Ballet Firenze, Le Lido circus school Toulouse, Flic circus school Torino, Lille circus school de Lomme, Cumana Athens dance studio.


It is where all works begins.
Where the mind accept to enter into the unknow.
It is the moment to embrace the question, the concept, the idea.
Images, Feelings, Intuitions : There’s no rules any paths could be the right one.
It is the moment of falling.
It is beautiful, it is scary, it is a blind marriage.
It requires a pinch of madness and a lot of experience.


This is the most hard part of all the work.
It needs committement, strenght, endurance, and cold blood.
Creating the team, Drive researches, conduct experiences.
Get ready to throw everything and start again.
Improvise, analays and study.
Learn fast from mistakes, always find solutions.
It is tough, it is unforgettable.
It requires time, work, and more work.


It’s when finally the work find his evidence and everything come togheter to its unique form.  It can be an endless craft for perfections, or a lightspeed series of decisions. Every skills, knowledge, tricks could be needed and welcome
It is fun, tiring, surprising, endless.
The only rules is to keep focus on the essential, on the exellence.
It is the gift.
It requires courages, repetition and discipline


2009 Audience awards Mas Danza competition for the show Denti
2011 First prize Baltic dance competition for the show Denti
2012 First prize Factory dance prize for the show Denti
2010 Prize Equilibrio for the show Ai Migranti
2015 Prize Equilibrio for the show Pesadilla
2017 Nomination for Best Belgium circus show for the show Pesadilla
2017 Special selection for the festival of Avignone from Le Theatre de Doms
2019 “ORA! – produzioni di cultura contemporanea” Compagnia di San Paolo for WhiteOut
2021 RTBF special selection for the show White Out

What they say.

  • "The technical knowledge is obvious in Piergiorgio Milano in a perfect balance between dance and circus."
    Benedetta Colasanti – Corriere Spettacolo
  • "An original maker with a strong identity."
    Elisabetta Castiglioni –dazebaonews
  • "Inside his body coexist tragedy and comedy, welcome "Buster Keaton"."
    Christian Jade - RTBF
  • "An impressive ability to find freedom in between circus and dance tecniques…"
    Frédéric Lombard- Ivry ma ville
  • "Piergiorgio Milano, a highly skilled choreographer accompanies us with the poetry of movement, with aesthetics of gesture and with the fascination of imagination."
    Michele di Stefano – Artribune

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