Playfull and sharp body

Contemporary dance workshop

This contemporary dance workshop mixes different techniques and movement research inspired by fly-low, capoeira and release tecnique.

It condenses more than 15 years of experience that Piergiorgio Milano has directly accumulated as a professional dancer and acrobat.

Main principles

  • Floor work, spiral flow, use of all parts of the body as a point of support, push and release
  • Soft ground absorbing impacts
  • Strength and flexibility as movement practice
  • Compact and detailed body
  • Explore acrobatic skills and tricks as part of a movement flow
  • Three-dimensional use of space
  • Time manipulation
  • Inner Body states and movement quality
  • Focus and performing
  • Mouvement research, composition, setting choreographic material

The technical level of the laboratory is set as high as possible in relation to the starting point of each group of students, so that at the end the students can leave with sufficient knowledge and a technical vocabulary of dance / acrobatics, to be able to continue working alone after the conclusion of the workshop.

This workshop challenges strength and stamina, and explores personal creativity; improving  the capacity to deal with  everyone’s own limits.

This workshop was conducted at:

SEAD Salzburg experimental academy of dance, Danscentrumjette Bruxelles, Athens Vidéo Danse Festival, Kumana dance studio Athens, MAXXI contemporary art museum Rome, Tripspace London, Opus Ballet Florence, Lomme circus school, Le Lido circus school of Toulouse, Flic school of the circus of Turin, Teatro Frida Padova, Belfiore Danza Torino