Do you love me ?


The show has been inspired by Ronald D. Laing’s book “Do you really love me?”.It has been created to be played in urban spaces, outdoors as well as indoors. Each urban context gives to the show its own  particular colour. A parking, a square, a park, an old factory or a train station would be a perfect location for this story to take place.

The show starts with the arrival of a character that is looking for a hidden lonely place.

The audience become than part of a very private and highly emotional moment between a man and his doll.

A wild and funny cabaret between two loving and struggling beings.


At the moment is not on tour; but it will come back again soon, stay tuned!


Direction/ Concept/ Choreography Piergiorgio Milano Florencia Demestri

Performed by Piergiorgio Milano, Florencia Demestri

Co-producers :

Associazione Sosta Palmizi, Arezzo Italia

Centro Coreografico della Gomera, Iles Canaries, Espagne

Festival Deltebre Dansa, Espagne / Garage29, Bruxelles, Belgique