Single pitch

site specific vertical performance

Single Pitch is the smaller version of Au bout des Doigts. It maintains the essence of the latter but requires minimal installation and logistics.

It is a very light and versatile performance, which is able to reach difficult and remote locations.

Single Pitch is a duet that focuses on the relationship between sport climbing and contemporary dance.

The show is usually performed in daylight; moreover, the music is played by a wireless, battery powered sound system; therefore a connection to the electricity grid is not required at the performance site.

It is a perfect artistic concept for smaller festivals or for events that take place within a natural habitat or remote location.


Duration : 15-30 minutes (in relation to the size of the events and the specificity of the location)
Audience : up to 150 people, children from 3 years old
Concept direction and choreography : Piergiorgio Milano
Performers : Elisa Melis, Maddalena Beltrami, Piergiorgio Milano,
Dramaturgy : Piergiorgio Milano
Co-producers : Torinodanza festival/Teatro Stabile of Torino – Teatro Nazionale, Malraux Scene Nationale Chambéry Savoie, within the project Corpo Links Cluster supported by PC INTERREG V A – Italia-Francia (ALCOTRA 2014-2020), La Caduta, Associazione Gelsomina, Flic Scuola di circo di Torino.

With the great and special support of : Compagnia di San Paolo : bando “ORA! Produzioni di Cultura Contemporanea”

The moment you start climbing, you realize that the rock has been shaped by wind, water and time for millions of years. And suddenly, as the hand closes on a small ledge, you discover that you are no longer just dancing on the wall, but that with every finger grip, or foot support, the whole history of the earth is dancing around you