Ai Migranti


“Ai Migranti” is  dedicated to all those people who face the difficult and painful voyage through those geographical routes that mostly join the poorest and the richest countries.

It is a succession of evocative and pictorial images, a continuous flow of movements and sequences that strongly evoke the arduous and dangerous journey of illegal immigrants.

“Ai Migranti” won the first prize in the festival Equilibrio2010, produced by Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome.


The show is a perfect fusion between technical circus and contemporary dance.

Each circus element is completely at the service of the choreography of the show. The result is a pure wave of energy, an extraordinary physical test for the performer, which brings them to the limit of their abilities.

The Choreography shifts through parts of choral dance, poignant and ironical solos and duets, circus acts and theatrical parts.  It evokes landscapes, conflicts and a human solidarity through a physical theater language mixed with the impeccable acrobatic technique of the performers.

The show alternates pictures and situations sometimes more concrete and sometimes more symbolic. It starts with an empty stage and ends up with a five meters high monument created by the performer with all their objects and clothes.

A monument to poverty, to courage, to life and the death.


Direction And Coreography : Piergiorgio Milano
Creation And Interpretation : Elena Burani, Fabio Nicolini, Florencia Demestri, Francesco Sgro, Piergiorgio Milano, Roberto Sblattero
Original Music : Simone Thierre
Light Design : Florence Richard
Artistic Adviser : Claudio Stellato
Sound And Light Control : Luca Carbone
Production : Collettivo 320chili E Giovanna Milano

Co-Production : Fondazione Della Musica Per Roma Ass. Sosta Palmizi, La Corte Ospitale, Teatro Di Asioli

Special Thanks : Giorgio Rossi, Danio Manfredini La Collina Di Reggio Emilia, Ferina Lucia, Teatro Di Castiglion Fiorentino,Flic Scuola Di Circo, Belfiore Danza,

« Ai migranti is a journey that belongs to all of us. Despite all the imaginable difficulties that would try to stop it, life will always keep going through irony and courage »


Piergiorgio Milano