Denti is the Italian word for “teeth”. In many ancient cultures the loss of teeth is connected with the loss of a loved one, whith the feeling of jealousy and the urgency to leave one’s home country.

Denti makes a journey through physical sensations and memories, a struggle between the impossibility to leave and the wish to forget.

Denti is what remains. It is the voice that we still believe we hear. It is the wish to keep what is gone, to chase, to bite, to growl.

Denti is a dramatically funny piece.


Denti is a short Acrobatic Dance solo that has been performed more than hundred times all across Europe, UK and Russia.
It can be played both in theaters and in open air or non-conventional space.
It’s strength lies in a pure and simple construction and an extreme physical experience, created via  a dense combination between acrobatic skills and contemporary dance.

Fifteen minutes where each seconds matters.


– Audience awards Masdansa Spain,
– first price Baltic dance competition Gdansk,
– first price Factorydance competition Florence.

The choreography has been learnt and rehearsed as a graduation projet for The Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance by :
Hector Palacio 2016
Eva Campanaro 2020


Choreography : Piergiorgio Milano.
Performed by : Piergiorgio Milano.
Artistic adviser : Brune Campos, Claudio Stellato.
Music : “Mi par d’udir ancora” composta da Georges  Bizet, cantata da Enrico Caruso.
“Il walzer di un giorno” composta e cantata da Gian Maria Testa.
Many thanks to : Fre Werbrouck, Natalia Medina, DancentrumJette, La RaffinerieBruxelles.

Denti is one of my really early works and without doubt one which I prefer to perform. I found it fascinating to see how, while the time pass, it keeps growing with me, following and absorbing all my other different experiences. This solo has been made in 2009 and actually I wish that I could perform it forever.

Piergiorgio Milano