Specific dance principles apply to circus performers

The workshop is tought to strenghten up the connections between contemporary dance with circus practice. It is a really good starting point for all circus performers that want to start a career into contemporary circus. It offers a ground base that is essentials for all kind of live performances.


Main principles


  • Understand and open up the space
  • Transform and play with the perception of time
  • Mouvement focus and performing presence
  • Quality of mouvements and intentions
  • Power of directions
  • Take care of ourself and others
  • From circus to dance, from dance to circus
  • Where is the focus of the room ?


The workshop is really radical in is method.

The only instruments that student can use are their body and their discipline. No lights, no music, no costumes, no other props. This is a precious time where to create deep and strong roots into performing skills, in order to be able to apply them lather into more complexe artistic situation.

A kind of necessary tools from every performers that aspire to go beyond the classical approach to circus studies.