Au bout des doigts

Site specific vertical performance

Au Bout des Doigts is a site specific performance. The show amazes audiences, creating a unique universe, a suspended moment in which lights, music and choreography, keeps viewers in suspense for its entire duration. Each cliff, mountain, artificial climbing wall, or building, presents its own aesthetics; Au Bout des Doigts explores these aspects and develops into a breath-taking artistic challenge against gravity.


The performance is adaptable to any place that offers a vertical support, be it a rocky wall or an urban environment. Everything that can be used as a support for climbing, high line or vertical dance is a fertile ground to host a new and original version of the show.

The show is a real site specific performance that could be resized and adapted to almost any vertical surface; shifting from a big impressive event to a smaller and more intimate performance.

The technical autonomy is a fundamental characteristic of the project, which allows natural spaces that have never been imagined as possible stages, to become for the performance space and allows the show to be installed in urban contexts with a completely wireless installation.

Moreover Au bout des Doigts can be fully sun powered, becoming an almost completely carbon free performance.


Duration: 1 hour to 30 minutes (depending on the size of the events and the specificity of the location)
Audience: up to 2000 people, children from 3 years old
Concept direction and choreography: Piergiorgio Milano
Lights design, technical management and photovoltaic system management: Gianni Melis
Live music: Pino Basile Simon Thierre
Performers( depending the specfic of the show): Luc Rohard, Elisa Melis, Zuzana Drobna, Maddalena Beltrami, Gaia Panero, Daniele Baltieri, Luis Swartz, Francesco Lanciotti, Gianmattia Baldan, Piergiorgio Milano, Manuel Bisacca
Dramaturgy: Piergiorgio Milano
Rigging and safety: Luc Rohard, Luis Swartz

Co-producers :
Torinodanza festival/Teatro Stabile of Torino – Teatro Nazionale, Malraux Scene Nationale Chambéry Savoie, within the project Corpo Links Cluster supported by PC INTERREG V A – Italia-Francia (ALCOTRA 2014-2020), La Caduta, Associazione Gelsomina, Flic Scuola di circo di Torino.

With the great and special support of : Compagnia di San Paolo : bando “ORA! Produzioni di Cultura Contemporanea”

Someone will object,
saying that climbing rocks in not about art,
is about guts.
To know hot to design the most logical and elegant way to reach a peak
and walk this path in a conscious effort of all the nerves,
of all the tendons,
desperately trying to win the attraction
of emptiness and the suction of vertigo,
it is a true and sometimes wonderful work of art:
that is to say the product of spirit and aesthetics,
that carved on the rocky wall will last eternally,
until the Mountains have life.»

Emilio Comici

«Living on “tiptoe” has  been a style, an approach to climbing and life, a surge of freedom, a need for life expressed in an athletic gesture, an external  ascent and an inner descent towards the freedom of the spirit.»

French Pre-Alps climbers 1970