Pesadilla Solo

sleepwalking comedy

Pesadilla solo won the price Equilibrio 2015 Rome.

Does a nightmare start with eyes open or close?
Does a nightmares ends with the eyes close or open?
Does somebody that can’t sleep stay wake?
We all have already daydreaming once,
are we sure we never lived with the eyes closed?

A very consistent part of our self is designated to sleep:
is it the reality or the dreams  that has the bigger impact on us?
How do we deal with our self to define dreams and reality?

Pesadilla tells about the fragility of a man shifted between a daydream reality and eyes closed life, about his constant fight to solve  the problems that himself keep creating while looking for the solutions to solve them. The show is a never-ending struggle full of humor and emotions. It is a simple and understandable performance, but in a perfect alignments with contemporary theater.

  • "Milano presents a burlesque show revisited in a contemporary way. He has everything of jazz in his mood and in his steps. An incredible technical performance! We love it."
    SisterArt Collective blog
  • "A contemporary theater where the body can play it's role fully. It is the poetry of surprise."
    Gilles deFauque clown and theater director
  • "Pesadilla is shrewd, intelligent, imbued with a grotesque irony that reveals itself as it goes along."
    Beatrice Galluzzo Diario di Lecce

Concept/Direction/Choreography : Piergiorgio Milano
Performer : Piergiorgio Milano
Artistic Adviser : Florent Hamon
Light design : Simone Fini
Music : Florent Hamon/Piergiorgio Milano

Many thanks to : Elena Burani, Lucia Ferina Claudio Stellato, Nicanor De Elia, Florencia Demestri, Samuel Lefauvre
Production : Fondazione musica per Roma

Co-production : Festival Torino Danza (Torino), Les Halles Du Schaerbeek (Bruxelles), ERT- Fondazione Emilia Romagna Teatro(Modena), Teatro della Caduta (Torino)

With the great contribution of the Fédération Wallonie – Bruxelles

With the support of : Le Prato Pôle National des arts du Cirque Lille France, Progetto Corpi eVisioni Teatro Asioli di Correggio (Reggio Emilia), Espace Périphérique Parc du la Villette (Paris), Fondation Piemonte dal vivo Turin, Flic circus school of Turin, Kilowatt Festival San Sepolcro (Arezzo), Anghiari dance Hub Anghiari (Arezzo), Centre international de création des arts du Cirque Espace Catastrophe, Le Garage 29 (Bruxelles)

I wanted to take back a certain aesthetics from the sacred monsters of physical theater : Keaton , Chaplin, George Karl… and put it into a strong contemporary frame; to create a contradiction between meaning and forms that could  be experienced by all kinds of audience. The result is a show with a very inventive and virtuosic physical vocabulary, a high rhythm throughout the show, and with lots of humor!

Piergiorgio Milano